Equity Release – Realizing the Full Potential of your Property


Equity Release is a strategy to realize the Potential from your property by releasing a steady stream of income or a lump sum of money from the value of the property, yet retaining the usage of the property. This strategy is extremely useful for elderly person who is sitting on an asset yet need cash flow to tide over daily expenses or for people who need cash-flows for their luxury or expenses.


On the other hand, it is not without risk. Interest will be incurred and it also reduce the value that you hold for your property. Thus lower money back for your family for inheritance upon your death. Different countries have different ways of implementation as well.


Aviva is a established member of the Equity Release Council and has also been in this equity release market for more than 12 years. Get a professional non obligatory advise about Equity Release from Aviva before deciding if this is the right package for you. 


Aviva – always commit to your interest.